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In 2021, I decided that each month, I'd create something completely separate from my work photography to encourage my own creativity. I did something similar in 2019 and it was such a great exercise for me. I didn't know when I started this project that 2021 was going to be a completely different animal in terms of what I was capable of doing. My Desolate Disco photoshoot started the year off with a BANG!

How did Desolate Disco come to life?

I, like most women, spend a lot of time on Pinterest & social media. I don't know when it happened, but the aesthetic of a Disco Ball was just speaking to me. I saw it everywhere online when looking for inspiration. There's something so eye catching about it's reflective squares that I just thought would look incredible in photos.

There's also a common phrase that says "contrast creates focus" which kept coming to mind when I thought of places a disco ball would look good. I wanted to take it somewhere it had NO BUSINESS being which is why I settled on the desert. There was something so unique about a dance symbol in the middle of wilderness that just sat right with me.

I asked my girl, Jasmine Rossol (@jasminerossol) if she was interested in getting a flowy dress and taking a road trip to Joshua tree to make this concept happen. She was SUPER down.

My materials

It took me a LONG time to decide on a disco ball. I really wanted a HUGE one with good reviews. I finally settled on a 20" disco ball that arrived on my porch in a box the size of 3 stacked tires. It was incredible.

This is definitely one of the more satisfying purchases I've ever had & I still love it to this day. Expect to see it in many more photoshoots.

I also had to decide on a dress. I wanted something earthy, super flowy, and really feminine. I wanted Jasmine's vibe to be really effortless and in-tune with the desert background. We decided on a dress from Shein. I personally don't condone Shein quality OR their business practices, but a girl on a budget has to do what they have to do.

It's 100% see-through so you'll need a slip dress of some kind, but it's absolutely stunning & looks great in the photos.

BTS photos by Lauren Pimentel (@spicypimentobean)

The Actual Photoshoot Experience

I had never been to Joshua Tree. Neither had anyone who came with us. After a 2 hour drive, and a short exploration, we found a perfect location for Jasmine to look beautiful and alone in this vast wilderness. I recommend getting to Joshua Tree in the afternoon to catch the "golden hour" style of light because the sun hides behind the rock mountains very quickly and you'll miss it if you're too late.

With the help of Phil (@phirrus), I was able to get the perfect lighting on Jasmine to get the backlit dream I was looking for. We had so much fun and people definitely were confused as to why we were lugging around a suitcase, backpack, and 20" disco ball through the desert.

For more behind the scenes content, please feel free to check out:



When I was shooting these, I truly didn't realize that the disco ball would be reflecting ME in all the shots. It was HEFTY editing process. Here's a quick before and after of a couple shots.

The Final Photo

This is absolutely one of the coolest and most satisfying photoshoots I've ever done. I am so happy we took the trek out to Joshua Tree to make my vision happen.

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