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Prop Rentals

Throughout my many years of shooting, I have collected a variety of props that are unique & mostly take up space in my home. Though I love to have them, the likelihood I'll need them in the same capacity again is low. That means I am able to rent them out to YOU!


Scroll for more of the amazing props that you can have at your disposal! Rental details at the end of the page. 


Disco Ball 20"

Need to add some flare to your shots? Rent out this massive disco ball to make your fantasy happen. 

Rental: $90/daily


Funboy Palm Pool

Nothing screams summer like palm trees and kiddie pools. Recreate this fantastic summer vibe photo shoot with this amazing inflatable moment.

Rental: $50/daily


Mini Pink Nike Basketball

Girls shoot hoops too! This mini basketball is the perfect addition to any feminine baddie photoshoot!

Rental: $15/daily


Pink Raincloud Sunglasses

These fun cloud sunglasses add some flare to any photoshoot & add movement to your final shot!

Rental: $10/daily


Yellow Flame Sunglasses

These edgy flame sunglasses are the perfect addition to any photoshoot & work with a ton of different aesthetics.

Rental: $10/daily


Pink Heart Sunglasses

These heart sunglasses come in two colors and add cute vibes to your next photo shoot. Comes in both colors.

Rental: $10/daily


Kaleidoscope Glasses

These glasses are aesthetically gorgeous and can be used on the model or on your camera for cool effects.

Rental: $10/daily


Killstar Spirit Board

For all the goth vibes, this Killstar Spirit Board is high quality and aesthetically gorgeous for all your Halloween needs.

Rental: $45/daily


Props are available for pickup only in Tustin, California.

A deposit is required to book. A contract must be signed prior to pickup.

Props must be returned in the same or better condition than acquired.

Any serious damages to the props will be subject to full replacement.

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